Modus Operandi Released

Modus Operandi Released

Modus Operandi is a roleplaying game of super spies and secret agents set against the backdrop of the Cold War of the 1980s.

Go back to basics and become an expert.

After almost a year of planning and writing, I’m delighted to say that Modus Operandi is now available to buy in both PDF and print on demand. Both versions are Pay What You Want but the suggested values are $6.99 and $19.95 respectively.

Modus Operandi is an espionage role-playing game in which you play an agent employed by a secret organisation working to stop those who would destroy or dominate the world. The default setting is the 1980s. However, you can set your games in any decade.

Inspired by old school espionage games we’ve built on the excellent Old School Essentials SRD and have brought a fresh take to the genre. Among the new elements that we have included are:

  • six character classes (which we’ve called specialities to fit in with the genre). These are: fixer, grifter, operator, soldier, technician, and transporter (you can see all of these in the preview),
  • weapons,
  • equipment,
  • communications gear,
  • vehicles,
  • gadgets, and
  • rules for contacts.

We’ve also included details on two agencies that can be used in your campaigns: PANTHEON (a secret agency working for the good of the world) and Ourboros (a secret organisation that seeks to subvert the world to their own ends).

Finally, we have included a character sheet as part of the core PDF. However, you can also download one that has been edited to allow you to complete it digitally.

Universal Character Sheet

1 May 2021

The OGL (Open Gaming Licence)

1 May 2021

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