Universal Character Sheet

Universal Character Sheet

From the fertile mind of TheDreadGazebo, Fortiter Games are pleased to release his Universal Character Sheet. He has designed this sheet to allow for all of the information you need for your character to be immediately to hand. A clever design also allows for a high level of customisation and is also system neutral! That’s right. You can use this character sheet with any role playing game – either in print or one that will be published in the future. Never again will you need another character sheet.

In fact, this sheet is so good, GMs can also use it for all of their NPCs. Need space for the NPCs stats along with role-playing hooks and plot elements? This sheet has you covered. Need to sketch out a picture of the NPC or their lair? Again, this sheet has you covered. We honestly cannot see a reason why you would not use this sheet for all of your games.

And best of all? The Universal Character Sheet is free! Well, it’s Pay What You Want from DriveThruRPG but that’s just free with the opportunity to tip if you really like it.

We’d love to know what systems you use this sheet for. Please let us know on Twitter or through the reviews/discussion sections on the DriveThruRPG product page listed above.

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1 April 2021

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