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Dave McAlister

Dave started roleplaying in 1984 with Basic Dungeons & Dragons and in his early years played a lot of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and, his personal favourite, Top Secret/S.I.. His enjoyment of the espionage genre caused him to start an officially unofficial website called Modus Operandi in 1999. An entry into a character creation competition for Spycraft got him an additional writing credit in the Agency supplement and led to him writing the UK and European chapters (and contributing to the rules chapter) of World Militaries.

Away from writing, Dave was a strong supporter of the UK roleplaying convention scene through his UK Role Players website (which sadly closed in 2018 after 15 years).

As a personal project, Dave created what is now, a fan-run Fifth Edition SRD and associated blog/gaming resource for Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) and, in 2020, this evolved into the formation of Fortiter Games producing content for 5th Edition Fantasy and other RPGs.