No Evil
No Evil
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No Evil is a selection of three 5th Edition encounters for a group of 3rd-level characters. They are intended to be dropped into in an ongoing campaign without the need for any prep. Each encounter is written with a wintry weather backdrop in mind but can be easily altered to better reflect the weather in your campaign.


No Evil is a selection of three encounters written for a group of 3rd-level 5th Edition Fantasy characters. We have written the encounters so that you can drop them into in an ongoing campaign. As we are in the depths of winter, we had this type of weather in mind. If you prefer though you can alter this to better reflect the weather in your campaign. If the weather is changed, then we would recommend that the snow cats in the second encounter are replaced with lions (or similar creatures that are better suited to your campaign).

The encounters are:

  • A hill giant that has been trapped in a pit and requires the help of the heroes to escape.
  • A young child found beside a wrecked and overturned wagon with hungry snow cats nearby.
  • A mysterious traveller who seeks some friendly company and food when the heroes rest for the evening while travelling.

Each of these encounters has been written so that combat isn’t the only option. In one case it isn’t an option at all.

Although not directly connected, the encounters in No Evil could be used in the same campaign as In Darkest Day and In Blackest Knight.



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