DarkSkyDice: Large Dice Set

DarkSkyDice: Large Dice Set

Today’s post is highlighting the dice making skills of someone in my local group. They make great dice under the name DarkSkyDice and recently also helped me out.

The downside to celebrating 40 years of playing roleplaying games last month is that it means you’re no longer as young as you used to be. Eyesight is one of those things that you take for granted until it goes wrong. I’m in the unfortunate situation of having being diagnosed with a cataract in one of my eyes. Thankfully, it’s not that severe – although it will need an operation to fix. In the meantime, I’ve had to increase the resolution on my laptop, phone, and ipad.

DarkSkyDiceAt the gaming table, dice are more of a problem. I did start using plain patterned ones with easy to read numbering. That worked but sometimes even that wasn’t enough. Thankfully, Sarah, one of my fellow players also runs DarkSkyDice (selling on an Etsy store). We got to talking about larger, easier to read dice as well as different styles for the d4. Yesterday I was presented with a large set of dice and they look beautiful. The colouring is my own choice. I love midnight blue and the flecks and gold numbering are perfect. Being larger than regular dice they are also much easier to read.

As mentioned, DarkSkyDice have a store on Etsy but they will also be in the trade hall at UK Games Expo next month (Stall 2 946 on Wise Wizard Avenue in Hall 2). I can highly recommend them.

d20 shown with a standard size die for comparison

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13 April 2024

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