Dice Dragons – Dice Tray and Dice Review

Dice Dragons – Dice Tray and Dice Review

Dice Dragons are a UK-based retailer of dice and dice tray (they also ship overseas) run by Josh. DnD5e.info were offered some dice trays and dice for review and, as I’ve said previously, I don’t know any role player who would say no anything like this.

The package arrived quickly and contained a couple of square dice trays and a velvet pouch containing the dice along with a business card. The dice trays and dice, each come in individual clear plastic packaging allowing you to see exactly what is inside.

Dice Trays

The dice trays are well made, with PU leather, and durable with a vibrant colour and contrasting logo in the centre. When clipped together, the rigid walls are high enough to stop errant dice and also come in handy, as shown, for propping up condition cards for easy reference. I was sent one each in purple and brown and both colours work well. Indeed, when I took them to my regular game last night they were both admired. At £8.99 each, they are great value and highly recommended. You can also select other colours from the Dice Dragons website: green, blue, red, black and orange. Each of the colours shown there looks as good as the examples sent for review.

Dice Dragons Purple Dice Tray Dice Dragons Brown Dice Tray Dice Dragons Purple Dice Tray in action


The dice, which I believe are the Mauve Waters set from the Dice Dragons website, are nicely weighted and easily readable. I’m not sure if my photos do them justice, but the blue colour has a lovely flecked effect that I like. Another plus in their favour is that they use the traditional numbering method. The dice are available for £6.99 which I think is great value.

Dice Dragons Mauve Waters Dice Set in packaging DIce Dragons Mauve Waters Dice Set

For those not aware, I’m a bit strict when it comes to my dice and those that I use have to use the traditional numbering method. What’s that you say? I’ve posted this before but as it’s relevant I’ll copy it below:

The Acid Test

How the dice are numbered is the acid test for me. That is, there appears to be two styles of number that I tend to label:

  • Traditional (where the opposite sides of each die, with the exception of the d10, total the die type plus one)
  • Modern (where the opposite sides of each die don’t always follow this pattern)

The die that highlights this best is the d8. The 8 and 1 will always be on opposite sides on traditionally numbered dice. I realise it sounds silly but I just don’t like dice that don’t follow the traditional numbering method. All dice are random number generators but I have my preferences.

Velvet Dice Bag

My dice also came in a black velvet dice bag with the Dice Dragons motif in gold on it. This sells for £4.99 on the Dice Dragons website and easily held the three sets of dice I added to it to test it out. There is probably space for one more at least. More than enough for your average gaming session. Even for those times when you need to put a misbehaving d20 in the naughty corner!

Dice Dragons Velvet Dice Pouch


Overall, I’m very impressed with the Dice Dragons products and would happily recommend them. I quite like the look of the Azure Whirl and the blue Galaxy Dice set. And with free UK shipping it’s even more enticing.

Thanks to Josh at Dice Dragons for offering these dice trays and dice in exchange for an unbiased review.

Note: all prices are correct as at the time of publication.

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