Royalty Free Images

Royalty Free Images

Over on Mastodon theMimic* asked about royalty free images for use in commercial products.

I’ve bookmarked a few websites over the years that can help with this and have included the links below.

It would be remiss of me not to state, just because something appears on the one of the above websites, that it can be used in commercial products without any form of payment. Always check the copyright information for each image you wish to use.

By way of example, apart from the cover, Modus Operandi uses entirely royalty free images within. Most of those were sourced from the CIA Photos link above, but the links cover a variety of periods/genres.

* Yeah, normally I wouldn’t trust a mimic either but, in this instance, I’ve gone with it…

Header image is Riding upon Vultures by Gustave Doré and can be found on Old Book Illustrations.

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