2020: A Review

2020: A Review

It’s the time of year for a 2020 review but, well, what can I say? Sticking with gaming, I can say that none of my plans came to fruition!

  • 5th Edition Pirates? No, although that has morphed into Old School Essentials Pirates starting next month.
  • B/X Gangbusters? No, although my B/X fix is being filled by Old School Essentials and my own, Modus Operandi.
  • Top Secret/S.I.? Again, no but Modus Operandi is helping with that gap.

That said, 2020 wasn’t a total failure on the gaming front. I read more RPGs and fell in love with Old School Essentials which, in turn, inspired me to write my own, espionage themed, RPG. Playing remotely also meant I got to run games for my old friend and his daughter (my goddaughter).


These additional remote sessions meant that I actually played/ran more sessions this year than last (61 v 36). Some of these were shorter sessions than the norm (my Sunday games are only a couple of hours long for example). The D&D system still dominated though, with 52 of those sessions involving one version or another (36 sessions of 5e, 8 of Old School Essentials, and 4 each of both 3.5 and 4e)


With lockdown, boardgames were limited to family but I still managed to get in a respectable number played (more than 2019 actually) with The Big Score becoming a firm favourite.


Next year will start with a “bang” as I’m up running two different, remote, campaigns at the same time. My long awaited pirates campaign (using Razor Coast, powered by Old School Essentials’ Advanced Fantasy) for my weekly group and the original version of Old School Essentials for my fortnightly Sunday group as we leave Daggerford and Under Illefarn and travel to Moonshae and the Halls of the High King.

My weekly group are also trying remote boardgames this weekend – hopefully 😉

So, that’s my 2020 review. How did your 2020 gaming go and what are your gaming plans for 2021?

Image Credit: Razor Coast by Frog God Games.

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